“Where Woman is, there is also Cry”

So yesterday I was driving along the foot of the Austrian alps with Many, in Toffi’s car. One of the highlights of being down that way – apart from the beautiful and sinister green lakes that are the colour of billiard chalk – is being able to listen to FM4 on the car radio. (You need windows media player to listen online).

I’m a fan of code-switching and an ADD approach to language (or music). FM4 is that kind of station. You’ll catch a fragment of an Austrian presenter with a booming voice, then it will switch to a man singing a beautiful accapella in an unidentified African language, before commenting in English that all his songs are about how life is painful and he is asking god to help him.
Then it’ll switch to an Austrian punk rock song, then an Austrian girl giving a weather report in English, then some trashy faux acid-haus by wannabee Vienna playboy Diskokaine. As Many commented, pumping his arms, “It’s not Rimini enough!”

(Rimini being an Italian seaside disco resort of the ’90s where gogo dancers in Barney Rubble costumes were likely to end up marrying short blonde DJs)

Of course, FM4 is where you can hear Heinz Reich, Erdem Tunakan and friends every Friday
presenting their 8-hour La Boum De Luxe marathon.

Below is a song by an Austrian band called Kreisky that we heard on FM4 that day. The video is not that great but the lyrics are kinda cool. The title is referring to Bob Marley (like, Duh). Wo Woman ist, das ist auch Cry.

The rest of the lyrics are something like “you didn’t create that woman, you didn’t invent her, you haven’t found her, so give her to me.”
“And now, cry cry, cry cry” (etc)

Don’t you think German is really best-suited to punk type singing?

But if you are German, you might not want to listen to it. Erik says the Austrian dialect is really annoying to him.


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