Even though the Brewery Studios isn’t exactly making a profit yet (Erik mortgaged off our future grandchildren to build the place),
There’s still such a thing as taxes, and hence, it’s worth Erik buying new stuff in order to write off some of that part of the balance sheet.
It’s somehow crazy to think that less than two years ago, that same tax department was banging on our door like the gestapo, before barging in and putting a sticker on Erik’s SP1200. The red sticker meant if he didn’t pay $500 in two weeks, they would come back, take that sampler and make some bad-ass beats of their very own.
Now they are (in a round about way) enabling the purchase of next-level analog recording equipment.
I don’t really get how that works either.

Anyway, the new Studer a820 tape machine is totally awesome and E got it for a way-more-than-reasonable price from a guy in England. It records to 1/2 inch tape. And it’s really pretty to look at.

Splicing the tape is the easy part. Now E is getting into all this mega-tech arcane alignment science. And I thought he was smart for hooking up the old dishwasher that Lars gave us.


open studer



2 responses to “Bandmaschine

  1. Are you really allowed to say “like the Gestapo…”?

  2. ha! I’m pretty sure they’re affiliated..

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