Out with the new, in with the old: Discos Capablanca and Kreidler

small air guitar

Last Saturday we dropped by the Salon des Amateurs in Düsseldorf (above) where we heard some of a set by Discos Capablanca. T.Keeler and Hugo Capablanca were looking trés Berlinesque, one in a wife-beater, the other in a suit and straw hat. These are attire choices as a DJ that make a strong statement about your proclivity to sweat.

Despite the smell of hype, or the lack of smell, depending which one you are talking to, the Discos Capablanca label’s first offering is not a waste of hand silk-screening. It helps that they enlisted Grackle and Unit 4. Their own remix is not bad either.

The DJ set was predictable if fun to sing along: from Tulip dePiscopo to Chaz Jankel. And I am not one to shy away from singing out loud, as tired karaoke machines will testify.

We bumped into fellow Chris Marker fan Detlef, who runs the Salon (far left, below). I asked him about the upcoming live show by his reformed project Kreidler at Open Source Festival. He said “We’re going to play tracks from the new album.” Wow, a new album, when did you start work on that? “Two weeks ago” came the tired reply. He says they are going for an ‘afro’ type sound, which hopefully means it will have a whiff of Detlef’s Toulouse Lowtrax project.

Detlef., Ben, Waterwolf

Last time we went to Open Source, we got a bit lost. It’s quite an otherworldly location, by the river and some swimming pools: all flat green and blue segments. Detlef says he’s never been there.

Maybe the reason it was so hard to find, is that it doesn’t really exist.


One response to “Out with the new, in with the old: Discos Capablanca and Kreidler

  1. yo e-j,
    nice block!!
    but i disagree: the remix is very cool…

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