the beach is where you go when you want to be free

beach horse

Arabian, born K.R. Nazel on June 17, 1965 and raised in the Southern Los Angeles suburb of Compton. A kid whose dad ghost-wrote for Iceberg Slim as well as penning “Black Gestapo”.

“The first club we had, it was called The Cave, in the back of an old pet store, and it was like a pet feed store and I was 16 and I had to go get a job. So I had to go to the pet store, but this was no ordinary pet store. This guy sold like 100lb bags of pigeon feed and chicken feed and stuff.”

And so began the Uncle Jamm’s Army sound system, from which Arabian sprang to the World Class Wreckin’ Cru, redefining the course of West Coast hip hop as we know it.

Arabian Prince’s new anthology was released today on Stones Throw Records. The NWA and electro pioneer, also behind classic electro records as Professor X, Arabian is pretty rad in real life. When we met him at the Academy in Seattle, the thing I remember most is this headset he would wear all the time. It was like he was in constant communication with a girl he met last week, his manager, Area 51, the CIA, or all at once.

Therefore, I think they could’ve put a picture of present-day Arabian on the cover.

Still, there are some good photos in the CD-insert like the one where he’s wearing leather cuffs.

This comp has some great moments: you’ll find there are certain tracks that you will want to play more than others but it grows on you. The track below, available for download on the Academy site right now, is one of them: all seagulls and synthesisers.

Looks like they’re still low-ridin’ on the West.

Arabian Prince and the Sheiks – Let’s Hit the Beach


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