Hey girl, didn’t I meet you somewhere cool before?

Having lived in a big, commerce driven megalopolis before (Tokyo), I am well aware that living in NYC would be all about the hustle. Or as our friend Henri Brisard put it, a “New York State of Grind”. And after two weeks I wouldn’t go to the laundromat without blow-drying my hair first. I would probably end up with high heels surgically glued to my feet, running a black market trade in stolen IV twins.

However, I was just reading about the first edition of this year’s parties at P.S.1 Contemporary Art Center in Long Island. The gallery itself has been around since ’71, which means it’s almost 30 years older than the Sony gaming console. The name is still kind of confusing.

As evidenced by announcements on message boards (like the now-defunct CBS.nu) this gallery has been hosting its weekly summer dance-party series, Warm Up Saturdays, for 10 years. They do it in collaboration with MoMa’s Young Architects program. And I don’t know who’s been doing the music programming in recent years but it has been consistently dope: ranging all the way from the charming off-key singer and virtuoso violinist Kelley Polar Quartet, to deep disco and yacht-rock affiliates like DJ Harvey, Lovefingers, Rub-n-Tug and Danny Wang, to glittery dusty techno from people like Juan Atkins, the Juan McLean, and others not called Juan.

This year’s architects were Amale Andraos, 35, and Dan Wood, 40, from Work Architecture Company, and apparently it was something to do with a farm (there were plants in the wooden tubs and a chicken pen).

All of that eco-friendly urban oasis stuff seems behind the point: the genius here is the combo of cardboard-roofed caves where you can crouch seductively on gravel and make a new friend, futuristic blue lily pads with only room for two, a paddling pool and nice music. Could there be a better conceived space for picking up chicks?

Bonus: Download disco mixes at Cool in the Pool radio.


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