Evolution is Televised

(photo by Liam Lynch)

Lisbon’s Buraka Som Sistema will win Best Portuguese Act in tonight’s MTV EMAs. I spoke to João Barbosa aka Lil’ John last night about what Buraka have been up to in the host city of Liverpool. So far, not much, it seems (apart from doing interviews for Portuguese TV stations).

The BSS beatmaker says they’ve been dodging crying fans of German emo band Tokio Hotel (who are staying in the hotel next door), trying to catch Wiley playing a show (“He didn’t show up…typical Wiley”) and accidentally ending up in the red light district (“We ran out of there as fast as we could”). But it’s Liverpool Music Week, and since they’ve now discovered the area with the good clubs, they might still have a few adventures while they’re there. Lil’ John isn’t sure if it’ll be at tonight’s awards ceremony though, where he thinks the locally nominated awards are a bit of a farce. “I’m not really that proud of it.”

Still, even if MTV sux, the nomination is interesting…Too easy to dismiss a sea-change of support as lucky timing. To hear more from Lil’ John on the subject, here is a post I wrote today for the RBMA blog.


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