Monthly Archives: March 2009

Who Made What?


Wow, kids – it’s been a while.

Last weekend I went to the Who Made Who gig at Gebäude9 in Cologne – I thought their live show might be more compelling than the albums, ’cause they are sort of bassy/synthy and they wear funny hats.

It was still close to zero degrees outside, despite the ghosts of daffodils floating past us in the dark, but as we walked from the subway stop I regretted my optimistic decision to wear heels with no socks.

Inside, the bar area was full of Intro Mag readers flouting Cologne’s empty gesture at a smoking ban. Gebäude 9 itself is a cool venue, huge hall, good lights and sound, bleachers at the back to stand on for a better view. I wasn’t too thrilled with the show – even though their anthem for girls who are “just over thirty” was sort of amusing, especially as I stood there in ill-advised heels feeling a bit bored and far from wild.

The show reached a simultaneous high & low point when they did a cover of Benny Benassi’s Satisfaction (wayyy too lowbrow for mois) but then brought out a young sousaphone player to honk along with the bassline (surreal & amusing, my fave). Tellingly, it was the sousaphone player who got the most applause at the end.

The thing with Who Made Who, I feel, is that the songs never resolve….I’m all for meandering jams but their songs seem to demand some kind of glittery hook that never comes, and end up feeling a bland imitation of…who? Only they know. I will give them a couple of bonus points for their Danish accents.

In a better manifestation of bass and synthiness, over the last week or two I’ve been listening to this promo of the new Idjut Boys mix on BBE, Night Dubbin’: a collection of dub versions of tracks by acts like D Train, Lenny White and Raw Silk. There’s something about those slapping ’80s dance basslines, that just hits it out of the ballpark.
Tha Best music for listening to in the shower.