Kuchenplatte, Köln


On Sunday we dropped by the Kuchenplatte (cake platters) record fair, where various Cologne distribution company employees have the chance once a year to set up shop with a few crates of old records (balancing them on Bionade soda crates) and always end up making a killing. The above classy photo is of Groove Attack record store worker Dak aka DJ Memyselfandi (Side note: Carmen told me when she saw his DJ name for the first time, she thought it was an Ethiopian word)

Provocatively, there’s no actual cake – just one friendly old lady selling waffles to the crowds clutching 12″s of Biggie and Jobim.

Fittingly, considering how many of their staff were there beating eBay at its game, we found this original Groove Attack comp from years ago, which features the classic cosmic jam High Priestess by our friend Lars Vegas (half of Karma).



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