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The Ultimate

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NZ rapper-cum-artist extraordinaire BF Buchanan aka Erik Ultimate sent over these amazing photos from his recent show in Dunedin.
If I was rich and had a gazebo, I would hire Erik Ultimate to create a work around the walls, like Monet’s waterlilies seen through the semi-closed eyes of a sleeping digital turtle.
That would be one hell of a gazebo.

The Sleeping installation, hosted by the Dunedin Public Art Gallery, was a one week studio session completed upon return from rapping in NYC with Coco Solid.

BB sure does get around. When I caught up with him he had just spent “a few nights at this house in Karaka Bay, round Seatoun, where Peter Jackson lives. The house we stayed in was where the lady who wrote the screenplay for LOTR wrote it. It was kinda awesome…polar blasts of hail rolling into the harbour, and I made up a song channelling the power of Enya that goes: “Thhiiis is where I wrote the looord of da rings… such inspirational suuurroundings.”

erik ultimate

What are your two favourite uses for linoleum or linoleum-cutters?
What’s a linoleum cutter? I use a ruler and a scalpel, that’s it. Having a bunch of coloured adhesive vinyl around is always handy for packaging mail, or on special occasions I will replace the add for cancer on my tobacco with a nice block of salmon pink which goes nicely with Park Drive mild yello.

It’s also good for posters and album/CD art work. Today I’m making a poster for a night I do at the Watusi called “The Black Out Compulsion Lounge”. My brother RAP AUTHORITAR is gonna do a performance there this Friday.
My sister Ruth originally hosted a party in NYC called “The Black Out Compulsion Aperitif”. So we are in the lounge now.

Ben Buchanan rear window

What’s your best memory of smalltown NZ?
Woah, small town NZ is sweet but also fucked. My childhood was in New Plymouth which is a beautiful place to grow up: the mountain, Back Beach, Pukekura park were all great adventures.
Masterton was edgier, discovering skateboards, punk rock, drugs and trouble… I sang in a band when I was 14 called NEGUS DELLUGE, we would go to Wellington to do shows with awesome bands like MICROWAVE BABIES and COMPOS MENTIS and get chased around by fully grown insanely destructive skinheads for wearing crass patches. Geez, supa exciting though. Doing radio in Hamilton was fun.

How do you design your artworks, and is technology your friend or foe?
The artworks have a starting point and then just continue. The composition can be an accident but sometimes I think about it; technology could definitely be more of a friend but I’m in no rush. I work in a pretty archaic way. im more interested in my relationship with a piece of paper than with a screen.

How much time do you spend on a computer per day (on average)
Aside from pause and play on my iTunes and hour after hour of whatever TV series I’m watching, probably about half an hour.

What’s your favourite next-level gadget or gizmo?
My laptop: it’s my first computer ever and I’ve had it for like six months. I think I’m using about 2% of its brain, but I love it!
My phone is real bad… it is a worse speller than me, which sux! I’m not against new stuff but you know, all of a sudden everyone has white plugs in their ears….or whatever it is….. it can be gross.


What does the future look like according to BF Buchanan?
I think developing gills would be the best thing.

You are quite a dab hand in the kitchen. What do you prefer to cook: risottos, rich reductions and masculine proteins, or deconstructed frozen sushi?

Hmmm…would have to go with rich reductions and masculine proteins. Definitely slow cook comfort stuff. I spent a year working in kitchens in Dublin and was kinda looking for the Irish cuisine. Aside from gaining a fondness for skate wings and Guiness, the best thing I found was at the chippers: chicken curry and chips, which is like deep fried chicken with chips and this awesome gravy with lots of curry powder in it. Sooo good… So my fave thing to make at home is to joint a chicken, marinate it in special crispy chicken coating from the Asian grocer [you gotta leave it in the flour stuff for a couple of hours]…then fry it with as much oil and butter as will fit in my or your pan [hey this is kind of a recipe], then roast with plenty of spuds… Whilst this is goin’ [you wanna put the spuds on first]… Fry onions, garlic and mushrooms in butter. Add gravy powder from the dairy (get 2 packets, it’s like 80 cents) and curry powder and dried chili, then boiling water, and stir etc. God damn, then yummo. So good….

What music genre best describes your culinary style?
Maybe Venga Boys doing a Van Morrison track.

Is your rumoured solo album still in the pipes?
Oh yeah, in the pipelines for sure. My lil bro has been writing heaps of cool stuff, so I’m like damnn, I should do something soon.
Tim Checkley AKA the mighty JIZMATRON is on board , should be good….

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Catch Erik Ultimate’s Blackout Compulsion Lounge tomorrow night at The Watusi in Wellington, New Zealand!