Epistrophik Soul

Georgia Ann Muldrow (Epistrophik Peach Sound) is a multi-talented beat-maker, singer, mystic and mom. A devout christian & weed-smoking conspiracy theorist, she glowed like a diamond when she spoke at the RBMA in Toronto about creating her own time signature:

“The metronome is not a bad thing. Metronomes are great. Because, they teach you how to be on the one, you know. And a metronome ain’t a piece of equipment. A metronome is your heart beat. A metronome is your footsteps through your own life, you know. Let that be the metronome.”

Georgia’s mother Rickie was a spiritual jazz singer in the ’70s and early ’80s: turns out she also dabbled in divine disco (see the tune above).

Below is an interview with Georgia’s mum and her husband Michael, speaking on their definition of soul. Michael Beckwith founded the Agape church (which Georgia grew up attending), and Rickie is the choir director there.


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  1. That’s deeep

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