Legalize It

Table reflection

Knights of Sodom granted The Half Truth an email interview from beyond the grave. Check their depraved hit ‘Legalize It’, a testiment to NZ’s half-heard dungeon troves of Dunedin wheely bin gore and stoned new wave tim tams. The band are from Auckland.

Who are the Knights of Sodom?

Well, Sodom is a historical city of sorts. It’s sort of become a metaphor for sodomy if you don’t already know that, but if you look at the traditional Jewish interpretation, Sodom was damned because of the occupants’ failure to welcome strangers into the city. So when we write music, bearing that in mind, we are the knights of that place.

How did the Knights capture Jizmatron & enslave him?


You live on the underside of the earth. Which synth has travelled the furthest to get to your studio?

It’s the Arp. It belonged to Brian Gillespie from Detroit, but he owed me money from some unforseen costs shipping art that he’d purchased here (Auckland, NZ), so he gave me the arp instead. It’s from Motown. It might have belonged to Dan Bell, or I might have made that up.

For people who don’t know too much about NZ music, is there anything you’d recommend?

Archaic: Beat Rhythm Fashion. This is so fucking good

Also there’s some Car Crash Set stuff that is really good.

Stuff from now: Golden Axe.
This is totally worthy :

Do you know how to milk a cow? if not, what is another highlight of living in NZ?

Put it in the bank. Cash cow. NZ is rich, today. Tomorrow’s not important. Mootown.
An itinerant member of the band, Duncan Bruce has a goat. He’d be the guy to ask.

What was the idea behind your zine, & do you plan to resurrect it.

Well we turned the mag into a blog, but it seemed kind of pointless. Maybe it was the physical act of photocopying leaflets that made it worthwhile. It’s a tactile thing? Now we can’t feel it because we have a blog. It’s at There haven’t been any updates lately because nothing has happened. I did like my article about the AmigaPhone though. To this day selling all of your body parts to obtain hard currency to obtain the drug marijuana, replacing the parts with synthesised android replacements and being a dopesmoking robot has remained a good idea.

dark vine


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